How Insure247 Helps You With The Insurance Claim Process

Insurance Claim Service

You have insurance to protect your assets, when you need to make a claim on that policy, some people find it a difficult process to deal with insurers, complete the forms and get the maximum amounts payable.

The National Insurance Brokers Association has created a animation of the claims process, as an insurance broker Insure 247 can assist you with the preparation of our claim

Insure 247 has a free claim service, you log a claim on our site, and track you claim status by phone or email

How the claims process works from NIBATV on Vimeo.

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Insurance Claim Service

Insure 247 Insurance Claim Service


When the Incident Occurs

Step 1 – Contact Us

Insure 247 google+ Insure 247 on linkedin Insure 247 on facebook Insure 247 on Twitter


Or our local numbers  NSW & ACT 02 9779 1126 VIC 03 8080 6718 QLD 07 3041 1717 Gold Coast 07 5631 6000 NT, SA & WA 08 6311 4071



Or email

Our team will help you through the process, get your policy numbers, find your insurers and check to see if you  have all the information required this may include supporting documents

  • Photos of damage

  • Quotes for repair

  • Proof of purchase

  • Statement of claim from other parties


Step 2 –  We will advise the insurer

We know how to speak insurance, we will let the insurer know about your claim and  provide the details


Step 3 – Insurer Request for more information

The insurer may request more supporting documents.

We will advise you as soon as we hear from the insurer

Claims are processed by insurer


Each insurer  may have a different claim processing time, the current average for a commercial insurance claim is 73 days


Claim Resolved

The insurer may settle with you directly or your supplier. They may also get you to sign a legal release

If you have a business partner, you need a buy/sell agreement

Protect the value you and your business partners have worked so hard to build, with a well-considered Buy/Sell agreement and tailored Life Insurance plan.

The unexpected illness or death of a partner can throw your business into disarray. Not only does it mean dealing with a sudden loss of income and expertise, but it raises the difficult question of how to compensate that partner or their family for their share in the business.

A death can put you in the awkward position of negotiating with distressed family members who are now co-owners and have neither the skills nor experience needed, to keep the business running. A prolonged illness can be equally difficult. Naturally you’d want to support a sick partner, but for how long can your business afford to pay them an income when they’re not in the office to keep sales coming in?

That’s when it’s crucial to have a well-considered Buy/Sell agreement, backed by an adequate Life Insurance plan.

What is a buy/sell agreement?

A Buy/Sell agreement is simply a formal, documented agreement between you and your business partners that clearly states what will happen if an owner leaves the business — whether they fall ill, become disabled, die, or simply decide they’ve had enough.

The agreement protects the interests of all the owners by setting out the exact circumstances when a partner’s share will be bought out, the agreed valuation method, and the buy-out process.

Why do you need insurance?

An agreement alone is not enough by itself. Not only do you need to agree on a buy-out, you also need to fund it. And without insurance, that can be difficult.

To understand why, think about what would happen to your business if you lost a key partner. Not only would you need every dollar of working capital to rebuild, you would also be in the worst possible position to approach the bank for a loan.

By combining your agreement with tailored Buy/Sell Insurance can ensure funds are at the ready, when you need them most. The Life Insurance plan will typically include Life and Total and Permanent Disability

Insurance (TPD) for each partner, with any payments used to fund the buy-out of their share, without draining the business of capital. That way, everyone’s interests are protected.

Find out more

Steadfast Life are business risk specialists, tailoring Buy/Sell Insurance solutions to our clients’ business needs. With the benefit of size and scale, we provide the necessary resources to ensure Buy/Sell

Insurance plans are comprehensive, cost-effective and effectively implemented.

Call the Insure 247 Team to arrange a appointment with the Steadfast Life Team



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This information is of general nature only and has been prepared without taking into account your particular financial needs, circumstances and objectives. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it is not guaranteed. You should obtain a copy of the product disclosure statement and also obtain independent professional advice before acting on the information contained in this publication.



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The Insurance Council of Australia warning over holiday e-leasing

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) today urged householders to contact their insurer

before renting out part of their home to holidaymakers through online peer-to-peer sharing
services (such as Airbnb and Flipkey).

With Christmas holidays fast approaching, many home owners and tenants are considering
renting out a room or part of their home to holidaymakers using online booking services.
Though the idea of meeting new people and earning extra revenue might be appealing, it
might also leave some with unintended financial consequences.
ICA CEO Rob Whelan said homeowners and renters could be exposing themselves to significant financial loss if things were to go wrong.
He said home owners, tenants and holidaymakers could all be taking risks because their
insurance policies may not cover online peer-to-peer house sharing services. Further, strata
title agreements, tenancy agreements and local government laws might not allow short-term holiday letting.

Discuss with your insurer beforehand

“It is essential that homeowners or tenants who consider using online house-sharing services discuss this with their insurer beforehand, and check how this could impact their home and contents insurance, strata or renter’s insurance policies,” Mr Whelan said.
“Anyone thinking about renting a room or part of their home should know that they might not be covered for property damage and other losses that could happen as a result of renting it out to holidaymakers. Importantly, they may not be covered for public liability should a paying guest be injured on the premises.

“Many insurers regard online holiday rentals as a business activity”

“Many insurers regard online holiday rentals as a business activity. Policyholders should
check whether their insurance covers these activities and whether a more appropriate form
of policy, such as landlord’s insurance, is required. Some insurers offer policies designed for
short-term holiday letting.”
Mr Whelan said holidaymakers who rent a home or room using these services might also be
surprised to learn their travel insurance policies might not cover them if they are unexpectedly forced to cancel their trip and claim accommodation costs, or if their
possessions are stolen or damaged while in the rental property.
“With so much uncertainty, holidaymakers may be exposing themselves to the potential for
significant financial loss,” Mr Whelan said. “The guarantees offered by some peer-to-peer
accommodation providers don’t cover items such as cash, or pets, or even personal liability
in shared areas, and it is highly uncertain whether the householder’s or traveller’s insurance
will cover these areas under this specific type of agreements.”


If your still unsure talk to a broker

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