James Smith

James Smith Unit Manager Nerang

What I do at Insure 247

“Unit Manager at Insure 247 Nerang”

What I Wanted to Be When You Grew up …

“Professional Soccer player/Spiderman Still got a lot of growing to do thou so who knows.”

If I was an animal what would you be

“I’d be a .. Tiger They don’t need a pack to rule the kingdom”

I eat……

Healthy. Sometimes”

I would prefer to be….

“Nothing I love my Life”

I dance to..

“The music in my head”

If I was a cocktail I’d by a……

“Shot to the head”

My favorite team is…….

FC Barcelona

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Insurance Business Top 10 Brokerages Finalist 2017

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Insure 247 Winner Ausure Awards “Fastest Growing Branch 2016”

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Ausure Awards Finalist 2014 “Fastest Growing Branch 2014”

Insurance Business Top 10 Brokerages Finalist 2014

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James Smith (Right Rear) on the Insure 247 High Achiever Conference 2016